We are able to collaborate with the artists in different aspects of projects development including:​  

  - Conceptualization
  - Definition of a project layout
  - Text writing or proof-reading
  - Connection with ideal partners
  - Budgeting
  - Production of photographic and video support materials
  - Connection with ideal partners
  - Finding funding opportunities

As artists ourselves, we understand the challenges of producing a project that is loyal to our idea and that is also successful in securing opportunities  of funding, support and dissemination

We are able to design a tailor-made strategy adapted to specific needs. We can help partially or on the full creation of the project. We understand our work as facilitating the idea to reach its best expression.

A fundamental activity of the artist’s work today is the development of strong and attractive projects. Our platform offers guidance and collaboration in their development.

We have experience in successfully producing multimedia portfolios that better reflect the artist’s ideas. Our aim is to offer help in bringing a great idea into a clear and solid project that success in opening the doors to the production of the artwork.