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Interpassive Worlds

5 videos, 6 people, 7 images
by Liliet Reyes

A web installation that collects data based on the reaction to 5 videos. Those data points will be processed in a Neural Network generating audiovisual content that will be given back to the viewer.

The Garden
by Nina Fukuoka

THE GARDEN is an audio-visual installation created in the form of a virtual 3D environment. The garden exists virtually and can be experienced with 3D goggles. The user can then enter the world which closely exhibits my own impression of a twilight during a hot summer evening. Depending on which way one’s feet will take them, they will hear sounds of birds, insects, water, and man-made objects; all specific and recognizable in Japanese culture. This installation is my idea for sharing a virtual safe space and relaxation environment; so much needed in recent times.

In memoriam John Conway
by Kiko Faxas

IN MEMORIAM JOHN CONWAY Is a sonic GAME OF LIFE implementation for Web Browsers written in P5.js during the 2020's coronavirus quarantine.

(In memoriam John Conway is written in JavaScript and is optimized for Mozilla Firefox and other new browsers. Older browsers might present small glitches.)

by Kiko Faxas

MANTRA is a sonic installation for a virtual environment.
The word 'mantra' is Sanskrit. It combines the root 'man' 'to think' with the element –tra, suffix indicating instrumentality."