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The World in Fragments Vol. 2

Cuban Millennial Female Artist Show

Alejandra Glez /Alicia Rodriguez Alvisa / Carolina Romillo / Daniela Friedman / Gabriela Pez / Paola Martinez Fiterre

We are all CUBAN, we go by SHE/HER/HERS and when we go together we are NOSOTRAS/ELLAS.
We were born on a peculiar island, feeling like we were LIVING AWAY. To explore ourselves we travel, we live in different cities, we pose nude, we dance, we love, we make love, we masturbate, and talk about it, we feel alone, and we feel together, we make ART. We are part of the MILLENNIALS generation, a strange generation indeed, but with a strong sense of community both on local and global scale. When we say I’m a WOMAN, we think of WOMXN. These artworks that you are about to feel, explore moments of being WOMXN, alone and together.

Curated by Daniela Friedman

Series: The limits
of the space and the body
by Alejandra Glez and Daniela Friedman
Series: Lipstick, Thoughts about Silence I, Thoughts about Silence II
by Paola Martínez Fiterre
by Gaby Pez and Alejandra Glez
by Carolina Romillo