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We are Live

by Gabriela & William

5 PM

Bojeo (Spanish) is to stablish the perimeter of an island. The performance is based on two main interconnected experiences: an empty house and the internet. We have built a collection of images to go around them. It is a highly fragmentary, experimental and sensorial piece. As in the bojeo, there is not one fixed center. Instead, we move in circles around subjects of which we can only know the surface. We are interested in the peripheral, on the borders, on listening and observing rather that invading or escaping. We want to explore the political potentialities of assuming that point of view: always standing in the imaginary line of a perimeter, walking that perimeter once and again.

is a creation of Gabriela Burdsall (dance/choreography) and William Ruiz Morales (dramaturgy/performance) with the collaboration of Nina Fukuoka (composition/performance), Cifarra (film) and Daniela Friedman (space, graphics).

BOJEO is a moment of transition. A moment of cleansing and the beginning of explorations. A new slow chapter.