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Time Radio Vol. 1

TIME T I M E T. I. M. E. T.. I.. M.. E.. T... I... M... E... T.... I.... M.... E....

A playlist created by composer Nina Fukuoka.

This playlist includes various pieces dealing with the notion of time in a very broad sense. Many composers have been fascinated with the perception of time in music. Even though the experience is different for everybody, there are common ways of feeling time in music. Music makes it possible to measure time, as one might know how many songs they can listen to during a walk to the subway station. Music can remind one how they felt when they listened to a favorite song as a fifteen-year-old. Some music has the ability to make one feel timeless, suspended in a virtual temporality. Sometimes, it brings the nostalgia of childhood, passionate love, or something we cannot grasp or explain.

Please consider buying the music or donating to help mitigate short- and long-term effects of the novel coronavirus crisis on musicians and artists.
(some of the tracks have a 'buy' button underneath) We support the Black Lives Matter movement. Please consider donating to help eradicate systemic racism.

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