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Daily Score 5

A diagonal poem
by Naïma Mazic
What would a diagonal poem be?
A diagonal poem
Look at me.
Don't look at me.
Look diagonally up into the right corner.
Look diagonally down into the left corner.
Create a diagonal line between your right shoulder and your left hip.
Hide one body part, present the other. Create the biggest distance between them.

Tilt your head.
Change the position of the eyes.
Do not not look at me.
Show me your neck.

From left eye to right heel we will re-perform diagonals, such implicit feminine lines //
slanted looks, twisted bodies, desired strangeness oriented from straight eyes, lines, looks, bodies
embody them, own them, transform them

 / /
queer these deciphered lines, give them a chance to re-orient our lines of sight across identity


to perform through any body.An ornament

A sensual part, the neck, is presented, the face turning -away- into phantasy. The imposition of diagonal lines on the female body might represent the projection of a desired strangeness, a mystified seductiveness.

Come, let's listen to Sarah Ahmed and join her voice with rhythmic shifts from straight to diagonal pathways. Come, let's look at Madonna and join her image with a dance.

cross rhythms. cross rhythm.

If you are diagonal you may not move. If you are straight you cannot groove.

Let                                                           diagonals
extend into space

the straightness
that then
would become
the strangeness.

that then
would /  

the strangeness.
/ /                                                                                     /

/ = sound: gliding from a high tone to a low tone with an "oh"- as if you were having or receiving pleasure.

by Naïma Mazic (May 2020)