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Alejandra Gonzalez

Alejandra Gonzalez is a Cuban visual artist based in Havana. Her work runs between the genres of self-portrait, photography, video art and performance, above all, emphasizing the problems and stigmatizations that distinguish the female subject in relation to patriarchal models of society. The artist work is distinguished by its self-referentiality and intimacy.


Bola de Carne

Bola de Carne is a collective of independent theater artists. Founded in Mexico in 2012, the group focuses on designing productions, researching and directing. The collective also seeks to build social ties by giving classes and performances to the communities they work with.


Claudia Muñiz

I am Claudia Muñiz, a Cuban actress, model, filmmaker, food blogger, YouTuber, freelance cook and former contestant at Food Network’s Chopped. It's re-renaissance, people! I started my career as an actress in Cuba, and since then I have deepened in my passion for screenwriting and filmmaking. After moving to New York, I re-discovered my love for cooking and started a new career as a print model. When I was a kid, my mom had a restaurant when it was still an illegal business in Cuba and I can proudly say that I became the unofficial taster. When I’m not in front of the cameras, I spend my time writing for my cooking blog, developing a delicious recipe in my kitchen or working on my own film projects.


Daniela Friedman

Daniela Friedman is a Cuban architect with a Master in Urban Design and Urban Planning at City College of NY. She co-founded SindromeStudio with designer Raiko Valladares and has collaborated on interior designs and art installation projects in Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, U.S. She worked as a curator in the Design & Architecture Gallery F.A.C, Visual Art Gallery with Enrique Rottenberg and organized the Havana Design Workshop with visual artist Wilfredo Prieto. Moving to NYC she worked at Terreform with architect Michael Sorkin and at WXY Studio, as an urban designer.


Kaja Farszky (Croatia) Hanna Kölbel (Germany)  FilipaBotelho (Portugal)

Down the Rabbit Hole is a music collective founded in 2017 and co-directed by clarinetist Filipa Botelho (Portugal), percussionist Kaja Farszky (Croatia) and cellist Hanna Kölbel (Germany). As a music collective, committed to the emerging scenes within contemporary music, the collective identifies as performers of contemporary music with the art of nerdy entertainment and thus pushing borders by building new dramaturgies for sound creations.


Gabriela Burdsall

Gabriela Burdsall is professionally trained in a wide variety of dance styles which has resulted in a unique approach to movement and choreography. She co-founded Living Away, a multidisciplinary art platform with William Ruiz Morales in NYC. Her work combines dance and movement with other domains such as visual art, technology and language. She graduated from the University of the Arts / ISA in Havana and was a lead dancer at Danza Contemporánea de Cuba from 2007 to 2015. She currently works as a freelance artist in several projects that encourage multicultural collaboration.


Gilliam de la Torre (Gigi)

Gilliam de la Torre (gigi) is a visual artist focused on Photography and Cinematography. Originally from Havana, she studied cinematography at University of the Arts in Havana / ISA in Havana and completed DP workshops at EICTV and TISCH NYU. Her career has been centered on her passion for documentaries, working as DP in features like “Cuban Food Stories”, “Me Japanese”, “Garage Rendevouz”, “Meeting Jim” and “Call me Lucky”. She currently lives in NYC and has been published by Shots and Theater Geist magazines.



Movimiento Audiovisual en Nuevitas For several years, a very unique artistic, social and community movement has been taking place in the city of Nuevitas, in the north of Camaguey. A group of young artists has spontaneously started an audiovisual movement that today is more intense than ever, creating audiovisual works with a periodic character and increasing their aesthetic quality. Participating in numerous festivals both inside and outside the country, obtaining awards and recognition on a national scale, they have created a stir with their unorthodox forms of production. Having their own film festival called Hieroscopia, this year they were about to celebrate the X edition. Because of the COVID 19 situation, this summer festival edition will be online and named Hieroscopia 9.1, saving the big tenth celebration for the next summer.

Javier Paláez (Tulio)

Javier Paláez (Tulio) is a Cuban self trained dancer in B-boying, Hiphop and Contemporary dance. Embracing an artistic vision of different styles that challenges the forms of street dance and contemporary dance in Cuba’s scenario, Peláez co-created The Concept a company project that organizes an annual battle  called This is My Concept, and has taken place successfully at the Boxing Gim Rafael Trejo (2019), Bertolt Brecht Cultural Center (2020) in Havana. He currently works as a freelance artist collaborating with multiple artists from different backgrounds and creating his own film videos.


Kiko Faxas

Kiko Faxas is a Cuban sound artist, conceptual musician and experimental coder. He studied musical composition in Havana with Alfredo Diez Nieto and later he was the assistant and musical editor of composer Leo Brouwer. In Europe he continued his formation with Sofia Gubaidulina, Tristan Murail, Beat Furrer and Luis de Pablo. As sound artist he has been part of art exhibitions in the cities of Los Angeles, Miami, Barcelona, Madrid, Jena, Berlin, Havana. As a composer his pieces have been played in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Belgium, United States of America, México and Cuba. He lives and work in Europe.

Lester Alvarez Meno

Lester Alvarez Meno graduated from the Faculty of Visual Arts at the Higher Institute of Art (ISA) of Havana, 2011. Since then he develops art works, organizes and produces cultural events in various media in collaboration with people and spaces marginated in his country of origin. He created La Meleza, an independent publishing house, which received the Study 21 Scholarship from the Center for the Development of the Visual Arts of Havana (CDAV), 2017 and the Vita Activa Residence of the Hannah Arendt International Institute of Activism (INSTAR), 2019. Along with the Cuban curator Abel González Fernández he developed during 2019-2020 a video series titled SIN349, about the young artistic and cultural scene that resisted the implementation of a decree to regulate freedom of expression in Cuba. Currently he is studying the Master in Cinematographic and Audiovisual Archive of the Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola, Tabakalera, San Sebastián.


Naïma Mazic

Naïma Mazic founded the association more2rhythm and the n ï m company in 2016. 2018/19 she has been resident choreographer at K3 Tanzplan Hamburg/Kampnagel, has an MA in Performance Studies from NYU TISCH and studied at P.A.R.T.S., the Reykjavik Academy of Arts and MUK in Vienna. She was invited to be part of the HipHop Continuum at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival and ImPulstanz DanceWeb15. With a background in house dance and Bgirling, Naïma concentrates on the communication between dancers of different backgrounds and (jazz) musicians, building a shared rhythmic language. Her work is based on tools of jazz music, such as uneven meters, groove and polyrhythms, replenished by femininity and sensuality. Mazic developed and showed her work in Havana, Paris, Pamplona, New York, Kolkata, Vienna, Brussels, Hamburg and more and developed the workshop “OF(F) Rhythm” based on her research. Most recently she performed at Judson Church NYC.


Paola Martínez Fiterre

Paola Martínez Fiterre is a Cuban artist who became passionate about photography in 2009. Paola studied at the University of Art (ISA) in Havana, Cuba and is an International Center of Photography alumni who recently graduated this past June of 2019 from the Creative Practices Program. Her work has been exhibited at the First Street Gallery in Chelsea, Plaxall Gallery in Long Island City and in cities such as Havana, San Francisco, Bordeaux, Geneva and Mexico City.


William Ruiz Morales

William Ruiz Morales is a performance-based dramaturg who has combined artistic creation with cultural activism by developing platforms for artists interested in socially engaged experimental performing arts. He co-founded Living Away, a multidisciplinary art platform with Gabriela Burdsall in NYC. He graduated from the University of the Arts in Havana / ISA and completed the Research Cycle at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels.


Yiran ZHAO

Yiran Zhao is a composer, performer, sound and visual artist living and working in Germany. She studied composition in China and Europe with Guoping JIA, Caspar Johannes Walter, Erik Oña, and Carola Bauckholt, as well as organ with Jörg-Hannes Hahn. Her work focus on various modes of expression incorporating both musical and performative elements, lighting, visual arts, and other media. With great interest in the physicality of performance, since she came to Europe she started to work with the human body and objects as compositional material. She has worked with numerous artists, groups, and festivals in Europe, Asia, and North America. Yiran Zhao and Kirstine Lindemann are the founders of performance group OTHER EYE.


Yornel Martínez Elías

Yornel Martínez Elías lives and works in Havana, Cuba. Graduated in painting and drawing at the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) Havana, Cuba. He has been invited to participate in the salons of contemporary Cuban art, CDAV and XII Bienal de la Habana, 2015. He has obtained the Rockefeller Brother Foundation and the Cuban Art Fund scholarships, New York City 2017 as well as the Davidoff scholarship for Caribbean artists, Basel, Switzerland 2017. His work is in several public collections, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes collection, Havana Cuba. Jumex Collection, Mexico City, Mexico. Pérez Art Museum Collection (PAMM) Miami. He is also the founder of the alternative editorial project P-350 and editions.


Alicia Rodriguez Alvisa

Alicia Rodriguez Alvisa is a Cuban visual artist currently based between Havana and Miami. She graduated with a BFA from The School of The Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University in May 2018. Her on-going performances & public interventions include I Can Look Strong, I am Strong, in which she becomes “Strong Arm”, a genderless bodybuilder who talks about issues of gender, identity, and race in the contemporary art world while lifting weights and wearing high heels. Her work has been exhibited at AREA Gallery and Bromfield Gallery (Boston), Sanlang Art Dimension (China), The Auckland Festival of Photography (New Zealand), Palazzo Ca Zenobio, (Venice Biennale 2019) among others.


Carolina Romillo Marín

Carolina Romillo Marín is a screenwriter, producer and film director. Originally from Havana, Cuba, she moved to Barcelona where she decided to study Film and TV. Among her credits are Dos por Uno (2014), Una tarde diferente (2018) which won the award as Best New Director in Winchester Film Festival, the documentary Danza Contemporánea de Cuba on tour (2019), Sengsara (2020) and Inside/Outside (2020). She currently lives between Berlin and Havana where she continues to work and develop personal art projects.


Constanza Gazmuri Lyon

Constanza Gazmuri Lyon visual artist and art director uses the camera as a tool to capture the essence of the landscape; its atmosphere and its lighting elements (darkness / light). She approaches the idea of ​​time-space from an existential realm, questioning the ephemeral transit of human beings through its three temporal phases: past, present and future. Constanza has been granted the residencies: Listhús in Olafjordoür, Islandia and Arteles in Hamenkyrö, Finland, focusing on the areas of darkness and survival under extreme conditions. Her work has been presented at Galería Isabel Aninat, and colective exhibitions such as: 11º Media Arts Bienal (Chile); Estudio Nómada, Loop Festival (Barcelona); Hall Gallery of contemporary art (Chile), Listhus Gallery (Iceland) among others. Her work is part of private collections in US, Spain, Argentina and Chile.


Darien Sánchez

Darien Sánchez is a graphic design artist born in Havana, 1980. He studied at the Higher Institute of Design (ISDI), Havana and the School of Arts, León, Spain. His work includes public good campaigns, posters, illustrations, 2D animations, and advertising. He has illustrated more than 20 children's books and written four of them, using the pseudonym Juan Darién. He produces graphic work, animated GIFs and collaborates with various micro-stock agencies.


Etian Antuche Almeida

Etian Antuche Almeida freelance dancer based in London, UK. Animal lover interested in photography, dance, film, fashion, and cheese. He graduated from the National Dance School / ENA in Havana, 2001. Currently performing at Disney’s The Lion King in the West End, London, UK and collaborating in several projects with multidisciplinary artists.


Gabriela Pez

Gabriela Pez self taught Cuban painter. Nature is her main source of inspiration. Creates landscapes combining her spiritual imagery with inspiring images of the real world. Uses and researches watercolor, Chinese ink, oil, acrylics and mixed techniques. Her work was exhibited during the XIII Havana Biennial in 2019 at the artist Alejandra Glez’ studio and she has exhibited in the collective art show Puzzle 4/4 at Galería Taller Gorría in September 2019. Her work is featured in the first collective exhibition of contemporary art, Un viaje de ida y vuelta, in the DA2 Domus Artium 2002 Museum in Salamanca, Spain. Gabriela is included in the private collections of Luciano Méndez and Andre Des Rochers.


Gretell Barreiro

Gretell Barreiro is a Cuban singer, song-writer, pianist, composer, knitting enthusiast and actress. She graduated from the Amadeo Roldán Conservatory where she studied Classical Piano. She lives between Havana and Miami after years of performing in numerous stages in Tokyo, Mexico, Muscat and New York City. In her upcoming live studio album, MARINA, Gretell embodies her version of the “Cuban Sound” and re-imagines what it is to be a “Female Cuban Artist”. She achieves this through an exercise in nakedness and the vulnerability of self awareness: “What is Cuban music?” and “Who am I?“. She dives deep into her roots, her family legacy, what it means to be a woman. Ultimately culminating in the realization that no matter where we come from, music and art transcend all boundaries.


Jadele McPherson

Jadele McPherson is an artist-scholar whose research focuses on black politics, spirituality, and performance in Florida, Haiti and Cuba.  McPherson is a CUNY Mellon Humanities Alliance Fellow (2018-2020), an Hemi EMERGENYC alum (2011) and founder of Lukumi Arts (2008). Among her recent credits are La Sirene: Rutas de Azúcar, DA' CLOCK and Prophetika. In October 2018 Jadele was a featured guest on "The Hoodoisie" a radical live news show created and hosted by Ricardo Gamboa. Her solo debut EP entitled Peace & Quiet was released in February 2019. As an artist focused on sound and healing, McPherson continues working around the country and in the Caribbean on arts activism projects.


Joel Suarez Gómez

My name is Joel Suarez Gómez. I was born in Holguín, Cuba the 31st of January, 1988 “a la hora de la telenovela". In 2013 I arrived to Berlin where I have my family today and the places where I do my work as a dancer and performer. At the moment I am busy trying to identify and understand the relation between power, discipline and marginalization. I spend days thinking about the meaning of decolonization and how far can I take those ideas. I look forward for spaces that are decentralized, autonomous, sustainable and not invasive in their mechanisms and discourses.


Kim-Sanh Châu

Kim-Sanh Châu is a Vietnamese-French contemporary dance artist, based in Montreal (Canada). Trained in dance at Paris 8 (France) and UQAM (Canada), she also holds a Master's degree in finance (ACU/Australia, Aarhus University/Denmark et Harvard University/USA). Her choreographic work has been presented locally at l'Arsenal, Tangente, MAI, Accès Asie and Quartiers Danses festivals; as well as internationally at SIDance-HOTPOT, Sejong Festival (Korea), Europe Meets Asia in Contemporary Dance, Krossing Over Art Festival (Vietnam), Dancebox and RAW Art Space (Malaysia). Châu is also a screendance filmmaker. Her work, mostly collaborative, has been screened in Canada, Colombia, Germany, France, Italy and Vietnam. In 2017, she was awarded Best Direction 2017 by Festival Quartiers Danses for Inner Smoke. Finally, Châu is Artistic and General Co-director at Studio 303 (Canada), and an associated artist at Equivoc' (Canada).


Liliet Rosa Reyes

Liliet Rosa Reyes was born and raised in a little town in the eastern part of Cuba. Growing up in a very large and colorful Caribbean family, motivated her to explore visual arts using analog photography as her preferred medium. Moving to NYC in 2013 she started creating portraits that capture the essence of a time of great change. She runs Cifarra, an independent production company & creative agency, while exhibiting her work in communal and commercial galleries such as: 5 Points, ArtBasel, Consul 81, UCF School of Visual Arts and Design.


Nina Fukuoka

Nina Fukuoka's works have been premiered at numerous festivals and venues in Europe, North America, and Japan. She has collaborated with many new music ensembles from Europe as well as film makers and choreographers. Her works inhabit a number of contemporary and experimental settings such as video scores and performance pieces with multimedia and live electronics, as well as orchestra and ensemble work.  With an international upbringing and as a result of being exposed to different cultural perspectives, Nina’s focuses on the intricacies of the modern reality and the Internet. In her works, she explores possibilities of communicating through music and other contemporary media by superimposing latent meanings with distinct images, within the context of tradition and mass culture.


Raymel Casamayor

Raymel Casamayor is a sound director, designer and music editor originally from  Havana, Cuba.  Since 2010, he has worked in several short films, documentaries, and feature films. He directed the documentary “Destino M6” and other music videos. He studied at the Conservatory of Music in Havana and specialized in sound recording and sound design at the Media and Cinema Faculty of the University of the Arts / ISA, Havana. He created “Puertos”, a sound installation performance to experience the spirit of port cities through their sounds, exhibited at the colateral Havana Art Biennial (2016), La Marca Gallery, Havana (2017), Living Away Festival, Brooklyn (2019).


Yali Romagoza

Yali Romagoza is a Cuban-born multidisciplinary artist currently based in Queens, NY. She graduated with an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BA in Art History from the University of Havana. Her works have been included in the Gothenburg Biennial; Havana Biennial; Liverpool Biennial. She has performed at Links Hall Theater, White Box, Art in Odd Places among others. Romagoza has been granted awards and residencies such as Cátedra Arte de Conducta, Bétonsalon Centred'art et de recherché; NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program; Creative Capital NYC Taller.


Yoan Yabor

Yoan Yabor is a music industry entrepreneur, multi-instrumentalist, composer and music producer from Cuba based in New York City. He's part of NOMAADA, a music and sound production team that has written music for famous brands such as Google, Disney, HBO, Weather Channel, AT&T and many others. He won the Best Original Music Award in the Youth Film Festival of Cuba with the score of “Camionero” (The Trucker), a multi-awarded film directed by Sebastian Miló. He is founder of Los Poison Music Library, a marketplace with resources for creators. Also, founder of CubaseComandos and Cubase Tutoriales, platforms designed for music production education.



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